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※Please fill in the time of delivery notes and contact your opinion matters.

We offer two different types, "Built-in Type" and "Removable Type."Please read the description of both types and select the one that suits your needs.

【All in one package】
This is a type that is already built inside doll with a thin hole between crotch and covered with vagina lips. Inside this hole, there are soft spiral shaped bumps which give you a great sensation. We recommend this type for customers who want a beautiful and realistic look.
* For this type, we include a cleaning kit to wipe lotion after intercourse.

【Removable Type】
Within doll's crotch is a 5cm cavity in diameter. You insert a removable A.I.Hole inside the cavity. A.I.Hole is made with very soft material which is different from rest of the body and made specifically for sex play. This type gives you an exceptional sensation during intercourse. Since it is a removable type, it is easier to clean and maintain. We also offer an instructional video to show how to apply the hole. Please contact us for more detail.
※If you select Removable Type, we include 2 types of marriage holes (Twine and Spiral types).

666,000JPY+Shipping(Separate check)
*International Shipping Fee will be inform later.
*Currency will be displayed as Japanese YEN right now, 4woods will exchange currency rate in your country currency(USD/EURO/GBP) later.

【Body Type】 Body1(A.I.doll EX) 
【Head Type】 Lunah
【Make up】 Smoky
【Eye color】  Yellow
【Doll Skin】 Bronze
【Type of ear】   Elf ear
【Size of Nipple Areola】  Medium
【Color of Nipple】  Beige
【Wig/Hairpiece】   Short Hair White
【Skeleton for Hands】    yes +20,000円
【Nail Chip(For hands)】 Round Long・White +8,000円
【Nail chips(For feet)】White +8,000円
【Costume】 White Cat Costume

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